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Mold Remediation and Prevention


If you see mold in your basement, you may have an undiscovered or unaddressed water problem. However, our waterproofing solutions and remediations processes significantly reduce or eradicate mold by killing it and eliminating the water problem causing it.

Our experts will identify the source of the mold or mildew and apply one of the following processes to either remediate current growth or prevent growth in the future:

Spray and Wipe

  • Spray and wipe involves the use of two separate chemicals, one for stain removal and one prevent regrowth
  • We spray the area with MMR and Fosters 40/80 disinfectant. These are composed of a combination of mildly acidic, human-friendly chemicals and ensure no mold or mildew growth
  • These areas are then scrubbed with wire brushes and wiped clean of all physical mold or mildew and dried with industrial fans
  • The same MMR and Fosters 40/80 is then used to fumigate the entire space and reach areas that may have been missed with spraying

For more information on the MMR Stain Removers that we use, click here.

Dry Ice Blasting

This method of mold remediation is a bit more involved but very effective and environmentally friendly. Dry ice blasting is similar to power washing or sand blasting. The only difference is in the small pellets of dry ice sublime (go from a solid to a gas) that leave no residue and no clean-up. Therefore, no chemicals are disposed in this process, only carbon dioxide.

The video shown below will show you some of this process in action:

Dry Ice Blasting Mold Remediation

So far you have read solely about the measures taken to remediate already existing mold. Although the disinfectants used in this process prevent further mold growth, they are still a responsive action.

If your goal is to prevent mold and moisture from occurring in the first place, Basement Solutions has an option for you:

Liquid Rubber Sealant

Ames’ Block and Wall Liquid Rubber is a blend of adhesive, high strength, liquid rubber. It is especially designed for waterproofing in extreme situations. When the solutions dries it leaves a protective elastic membrane that resists cracking and peeling as water makes contact.

The adhesive qualities in Block and Wall Liquid Rubber make it perfect for foundation and wall application. It assures a lasting seal that will prevent any type of mold growth within your basement for years to come.

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