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Mold & Water Damage in a Bensalem PA Home


Sometimes, poor workmanship can result in big problems in your home.

Sometimes, going with a cheap price tag because the company subcontracts their work can lead to expensive repairs.

Take this home in Bensalem, PA, for example…

Bensalem is in bucks county, and this area can often have mold and mildew problems in the basement or crawl space. Water damage is usually the cause of mold. It can also lead to the rotting of dry wall and cracks in the cement walls and/or floors.

When this happens, it’s “fix it or pay big” time.

This home owner went with a company that didn’t do a very good job in installing a waterproofing system.

The result?

If you’re worried that the work you had done on your cellar, foundation or crawl space isn’t keeping your home dry and mold-free, then give us a call. We can come by, give a free inspection and let you know how we can best help you. Our number is 877-495-9111.