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Is Your New Home Safe From Mold?


While you may believe that your new home is safe from water damages or mold, think again.

The fact is that mold is quite good at strong-arming it’s way into your home. new home mold problems njMold is often even more dangerous in newer homes because the home owner is less likely to even look for the signs of mold. Nevertheless, in NJ, PA, & DE mold removal is crucial.

It has a lot to do how new homes are built…

A near epidemic of mold growth has taken root in many areas of the United States. And, more often than not, this is happening in newly built homes!

Why is this happening?

Seems that the way new houses are being designed is leading to excessive mold growth. Many of the new-age materials attract mildew and mold growth because they also attract and invite moisture.

Fake stucco, wood based materials, newer types of insulation and the new styles of heating and air conditioning systems can all trap moisture; often in dark areas.

This combo leads to an irresistible source of food for molds.

Then, we have to add in the now common practice of building homes very close to each other either in housing developments or in the McMansion style of home. Houses too close leads to poor drainage which leads to leaky, wet and damp basements. This further contributes to mold growth.

Mold removal from new home in PA

Mold removal from a new home in Philadelphia PA

And, while it can start slowly and seem fairly innocent, it can spread fast… faster than some home owners want to accept and cause havoc on the health of them, their children and their pets. And, in quite a few cases, entire homes have been condemned because the problem got so bad that it was beyond repair.

How bad is mold?

Well, a Mayo Clinic study showed that almost all of the chronic sinus infections that hit nearly 40-million Americans to molds that grown in homes and office buildings. They also linked mold growths to the rapidly increasing asthma rate since 1980.

What can we do to keep our new house free of this health killing substance? After all, we likely just paid a good chunk of change for our beautiful, new home.

1. Always keep water out of your basement, crawl space and foundation. If you control water and moisture, you can keep mold out of your home.

2. Fix any leaks within 24-hours of seeing them. The sooner you eliminate this water source, the less likely it is that mold will grow.

3. Try to avoid using any kind of fake stucco or other wood type materials can can attract and trap moisture.

4. Check behind AC units and heaters for moisture and eliminate if it exists.

The most dangerous are to have mold is the basement. The spores given off by the mold in your basement gets into the air that is circulated through the home. About 70% of the air in your home is circulated through or originates in the basement. This is extremely dangerous to the health of you and your family. If you see the signs, get mold removal done asap!