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PA Basement Waterproofing



Their office previously located Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, PA Basement Waterproofing has recently exited business operations. In doing so, they have allotted previous and prospective contracts to previously used private subcontractors and other local waterproofing companies.

Having been one of these subcontractors, we at Basement Solutions have done copious amounts of waterproofing, mold remediation, concrete flatwork and crawl-space conversions for PA Basement Waterproofing in both the distant and recent past. With that being said, we want to make it clear that we honor their claims of warranty and customer satisfaction entirely!

Not every warranty provided by PA Basement Waterproofing has direct connection to Basement Solutions and the work we provide, but if you have had any of the previously mentioned work done on your home or property, it very well could have been us! In addition to past work completed, we have acquired numerous new contracts from PA Basement Waterproofing. So if this is the case whether you know it or not and you are experiencing any issues at all, please contact us. One of our experienced professionals will be on hand to address and resolve your problem with urgency. If the work does not fall in our jurisdiction but still falls under our wide task description, we will almost always be willing and able to help. In the end we ensure the home is dry and the customer is satisfied!

What Should I Do?

If any of this information applies to your home or property, please don’t let it wait! Foundation, moisture and mold issues are timely and dangerous so they must be addressed ASAP. Contact Basement Solutions today at 610-495-9111 or visit the rest of our website for more information.

If you have even further questions or we are unavailable, feel free to stop in at 3 Riverside Drive Spring City, PA or email us at sales@basements911.com.

Thank You!