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Philadelphia Basement Waterproofing: Kill Mold Dead & Protect Your Health


Why Basement Waterproofing in Philadelphia PA is an Absolute Necessity in Fighting Mold

In Philadelphia, the battle with mold rages on. Many homes are unprotected and this allows water to get into the basement walls when it rains. Waterproofing your basement can help you win the war.

And, when it snows, the plows push all that white stuff up onto the sidewalks and into people’s yards. It melts, mixed with rock salt and acidic rain, and it makes it’s way through the ground and penetrates your basement walls.

Sadly, many Philadelphia residents simply accept that their basements philadelphia basement waterproofing kills moldhave mold…they tolerate the white streaks and the peeled paint and bowed walls. It’s all part of living here, they say.

The truth is that all of these problems are highly avoidable, and, dangerous.

Watch this video about the health-damaging potential of Black Mold, which is common when water gets in your basement.

Basement waterproofing protects your Philadelphia home by acting as a barrier between the walls and water. This repels water and acidic rain water from getting into the basement walls and causing damage.

Once it gets it, it can be a very expensive problem to repair! Much easier to invest in waterproofing and get rid of mold and water problems before they get out of hand.