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We Can Help You Repair Your Wet, Leaky Basement


How Basement Services 911 Can Help Dry Your Basement in NJ, DE or PA

A basement that is wet or has possible mold and mildew will need to be repaired, and the sooner the better!

If you’re hesitant to deal with the problem because you’re afraid of the costs, just know that the longer you wait, the more damages will occur and the bigger the water damaged basement wall in njrepair bill. We specialize in waterproofing and finishing basements all over the NJ, PA, and DE regions. How do you know if you need basement waterproofing?

There are many warning signs a homeowner should look for to determine if a basement is wet and first needs a repair before it can be finished.

If you smell or see mold, then you need to have it removed. If you plan on ever finishing your basement, then, you’ll need to waterproof it first. Damp spots on walls can also be signs that the basement is wet and needs to be dried and treated. Remodeling of the basement may need to be put on hold while issues such as mold, mildew, water spots or wall cracks are addressed. It is important for the foundation of the basement to be sound and dry before any finishing is done. Dry rot can also occur in a basement when water is present.

When water gets into the walls, it makes the wood rot and decay, causing dry rot to occur. It shows on the walls as a black fungus. While it can be cleaned, the rotted wood may need to be replaced. A cracked or wet foundation can destroy any furniture or wall furnishings that the homeowner puts in the basement.

If you want to remodel your basement, make sure it’s waterproofed first, this way your newly finished basement will remain dry, mold free, and safe for kids and bets.

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