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Should I Waterproof My Basement?


Initially, waterproofing your basement may seem like an unaffordable expense or a bad allocation of funds. Luckily, for people in the New Jersey, Delaware or greater Pennsylvania area, this is not the case.

Basement Solutions offers affordable and efficient fixes to all of your waterproofing needs. A small investment in a home’s basement can prevent serious damage and save countless amounts of money.

It’s a common assumption that older homes experience all of the problems that require a waterproofing system. Although wear and tear has its effects, more often than not, we see newly built homes more frequently having these issues due to faulty construction.

Yes, you should. Here’s why:

1. Protection of the Basement’s Walls and Home’s Foundation

The foundation of a home is the most important part of the structure and the weight of the home is enough as is. Additionally, the walls of the basement are weight-bearing as the surrounding soil and groundwater push against it.

There are of course varying factors of the basement and surrounding soil that either make it more or less at risk. One thing known for sure though, is that with a drainage system in place, water can be directed away from the walls and foundation. Less water means less pressure and and the system acts as a seal to any to water trying to make its way in through cracks and leaks.

2. Protection From Mold and Mildew

Mold has proven time and time again to be a devastating issue in homes both new and old. Mold and mildew find ways to spread in a variety of conditions but thrive in cold, wet areas such as basements and crawlspaces.

Mold reproduces by giving off air-borne spores that are known to lead to health problems. Asthma, allergies and even more serious respiratory illnesses can occur, especially in children, the elderly and pets. Wiping away mold and attempting to rid of it on your own is a risky operation. Not only are you more exposed, but it is very likely to return.

Waterproofing done by a professional such as ourselves, cuts mold off from its source. Not only do we properly clean the infected area, we test the area post-remediation and assure that it will never be able to grow again.

3. Increasing the Re-sale Value of Your Home

Studies have shown that a prevalent basement water issue can reduce the value of a home by 20% or more. The increased value resulting from waterproofing your basement and home far outweighs the initial costs.

When attempting to sell your home, signs of water damage, mold, or structural cracks will make the process a nightmare. If you see signs of any of these problems in your basement, tackle the problem before it worsens itself. You’ll thank yourself (and hopefully us) in the long-run.

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