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Snow and Basement Flooding


Because many parts of Pennsylvania and the North East experience significant seasonal snowfall, homeowners are frequently faced with flooded basements when the snow begins to melt. This can cause substantial flooding in homes with basements, as it was the case during the 2013/14 winter season in Pennsylvania.

It’s even worse when a warm spell or heavy rains causes much of the snow to melt rapidly rather than gradually disappearing because of the abundance of water that situation creates.

Here’s what you can do for waterproofing if you own a residential or commercial property.

The first thing you should do is assess your current situation.  Have you ever experience leaking walls or wet basement issues? If so, it is important that you invest on waterproofing your basement.  Basement Solutions has a number of basement waterproofing options that will fit your needs and your pocket.

Also, make sure that you have a working sump pump, and if possible, a battery back up.  Melting snow causes the water table to raise, increasing the change of water intrusion.  A good sump pump is essential to prevent basement flooding when a heavy snow pack melts.

Finally, follow these simple steps to minimize the chance of flooding:

Keep Snow Away From Your Foundation

Keep snow at least three feet back from the foundation of your home, and be particularly vigilant about now allowing snow buildup in areas close to window wells. Snow and ice should be cleared from downspouts in order to prevent them from becoming clogged. This causes water to spill over onto the ground near the foundation. Keep the ends of your downspouts two or more meters away from your foundation. Make certain that they’re pointed away from your house.

•Use sandbags to block off low lying pools of water.
•Do not shovel snow into the street — this could cause the primary drains to block, resulting in back flow into your basement.
•Do not pile snow around the outside edges of your yard — this is where most lots drain.

If the home has a history of basement flooding, you should consider having a sump pump or French drains installed.
•A French drain is a gravel or rock filled trench that redirects water away from the area.
•Sump pumps work by pumping water that has been collected in a specially designed sump basin away from the area.

Keep the Snow Off Your Roof

Calling Basement Solutions after a significant snow storm is a good investment. You can purchase a roof rake for your own use that will allow you to remove snow from your roof while standing on the ground. Be sure to move fallen snow away from foundation.

Consider Using an Exterior Sealant

Most modern construction that’s located in areas with high precipitation amounts involves an application of hydroclay at the time that the foundation is installed. Hydroclay is a durable exterior sealant that soaks up excess water during times of heavy precipitation or snow melt. However, older homes can still have hydroclay applied around the exterior foundation by a skilled foundation contractor.

Don’t Forget the Basement Interior

Even basements that are kept free of flooding may experience high levels of atmospheric humidity. This provides a great breeding ground for mold and mildew. You can minimize interior humidity by doing the following:

•Paint interior basement walls with waterproof paint. You can do this job yourself using products you’ve purchased from a home improvement retailer or hire a professional painter to do the job.
•Install exhaust fans to keep the air circulation levels steady. Air that’s moving contains far less humidity than its stagnant counterpart.
•Regularly inspect basement walls and floors and seal up any cracks and crevices that you find.

The level of waterproofing that your basement will need depends on several different factors. Including the average precipitation of your area, how your home situates, and what basement waterproofing techniques the previous owners used. A thorough consultation with a Basement Solutions will help you devise the most effective plan for your particular needs.

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