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NJ shore homes with water damage in basement

Another Storm Damages Basements in NJ


The massive snow storm that was supposed to blanket Philadelphia, delaware and most of NJ turned out to be a giant rain storm. And, all that rain did some major damages to basements in NJ, especially at the shore, where streets flooded and water poured into crawl spaces and basements from Wildwood to Cape May and all the way up to Atlantic City.

Beach front homes and businesses took a pounding. A great deal of these homes got hit with foundation failure, which like it sounds, means that the foundation of the home failed. Hundreds of homes sunk into the Earth by several inches. Others simply collapsed and were condemned.

NJ shore homes with water damage in basementIf many of these homes had had their basements waterproofed, the damages would have been minimal. Waterproofing acts like as strong shield or barrier to stop excess rain from putting pressure on your basement or foundation walls and keeps them strong.

In the U.S., researchers have found that over 60% of houses have water damages of some kind. Along the shore, the number is higher! And, when a hurricane hits a cost like the Jersey Shore, the number skyrockets. Even homes that were largely spared from major damages did have flooding and damage to the basement.

The cost to repair all these damages will probably reach over a billion dollars. Expensive homes get expensive repairs and when thousands of gallons of rain and ocean water attack a defenseless basement, the results are disastrous.

Most of the homes on the shore were equipped with nothing more than a standard French Drain and often a Sump Pump. This is fine for day to day rain, but when a hurricane hits or any kind of heavy rain storm that can result in flooding, the unprotected foundation will get destroyed. A basement waterproofing system, which will include braces being installed plus water repellent, will keep water away from your home and keeps the foundation safe from excess pressure.

The acidity of the rain and ocean water eat away at the walls of the foundation. The excess water combines with the soil around the home, causing it to expand and put pressure on the outer basement walls, causing them to crack, buckle and spring leaks.

If your jersey shore home suffered any kind of structural damage, flooding or mold growth, it is imperative that you have the problem assessed by a professional as soon as possible. Every day that the problem is ignored, it gets worse. The cold weather of winter makes the problem worse so do not delay! Get basement waterproofing performed and shield your home from future rain storms and damages.