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Sump Pump Benefits, More than You think


Sump Pump Benefits

We all know the usual benefits of  sump pumps. Sure, a sump pump is obviously a source of great relief if your home is prone to flooding. And yes, an uncontrolled damp environment can lead to the buildup of mold, with all the potential health concerns that brings.

But sump pumps may reduce the risk of fire. Think of all the appliances you have in your basement, such as washing machines and heating units. Now think of all the damage that could occur to these machines from short circuiting due to unchecked flooding.

Additional benefits include:

  • Prevent flooding damage: Although sump pumps will assist you with preventing problems that the gradual build-up of water in a basement can cause, they really show their usefulness when dealing with large-scale flooding. When heavy rains trigger a flood of water into your basement, you can quickly have 15 inches of flood water covering the floor and damaging almost everything inside, which can be especially devastating if you store valuable items in the basement. With a working sump pump, this disaster can be averted easily.
  • Reduce threat of mold and mildew: Continual dampness inside a basement from water in stagnant pools will contribute to the growth of mold and mildew. Not only are these both damaging to building material, but they are health problems as well. A sump pump keeping a basement dry will keep mold and mildew from getting a hold.

 Trusty sump pumps could end up saving more than just your beloved finished basement and man cave.  it could save your entire home. If you are interested in installing a sump pump, contact us today at Basement Solutions.  We will provide you with options to meet your needs.