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Turn a Crawlspace into a Basement


Are you stuck with a dark, damp crawlspace in your home and sick of the complete waste of space? Is your crawlspace causing unnecessary worry and expenses for you and your family? We have a solution.

Crawlspaces are undoubtedly not the best option when it comes to storage. They attract insects, rodents and other animals and are prone to mold and water damage for as long as they exist.

About the Process

The process of converting your crawlspace into a basement is often referred to as a crawlspace dig-out or excavation. Involves converting a simple crawlspace into a full-on basement through hand removal.

We first excavate the area under your home (where your crawlspace was) to a depth that is that of a full basement.

We then pour cement walls and flooring and at the same time install vetical support beams. Typically, depending on preference and code, we install an outside entrance to the basement with Bilco Doors.

We strongly encourage homeowners to consider crawlspace dig-outs. However, it cannot be stressed enough that this can be a dangerous job and is NOT something to be taken lightly. This may be common knowledge, but this is especially not a DIY project. Structural support is immediately put at serious risk if not done professionally.

Why make the switch?

Many homeowners are reluctant in starting a crawlspace conversion in fear of the time-table or the expected price. We want to make it clear that these factors vary from company to company. Therefore, Basement Solutions offers some of the lowest prices in our area of service and assure customer satisfaction from start to finish!

A crawlspace conversion offers incredible amounts of potential. Like what you ask?

  • Your home’s value will increase dramatically… typically by about 75-90% of the price of the job itself.
  • Adding a full extra story to your home immediately increases footage.
  • Basements are super common storage spots… Dig-outs typically triple to quadruple your total storage space.
  • Lastly, potential for adding an exercise room, theater or entertainment room, a home bar, play room for children… endless opportunities.

Contact Us

If you have further questions about crawlspace conversions, give us a call today at 610-495-9111 for a FREE INSPECTION. For more detailed information on services, please visit www.basements911.com today.