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How to Turn Your Crawl Space Into a Full Basement in New Jersey


How a Crawl Space Dig Out Can Turn Your Crawlspace into a Basement in NJ -Dry and Ready for Finishing!

Unfortunately, far too many NJ homes are built on slabs with only crawlspace underneath. As the average family size in Vineland grows, so does the need for increased living space and storage areas. As any homeowner knows, things pile up fast and you can run out of room in a hurry.

Well, a Crawlspace digout can turn your vineland home into a house with a full basement!

Why Turn Your Crawl Space Into a Basement?

Simple, with some dedicated work, you can give yourself the gift of a full, functional basement. The process can be complicated. You need to dig to a point where

how to turn crawl space into basement in new jersey

A Crawl Space Dig Out Can Turn Your Cramped Crawl Space into a Full Basement, Complete with Outside Access Doors

you have at least 7ft, 6″ worth of clearance under your floor joist. And, the more you dig, the more hazardous the work becomes. Anytime you are altering the foundation of your home, it can be dangerous to you and the house.

You’d also need to pour at least a 4″ slab of concrete as a floor and over the existing walls. Then, you’d need to add pre-fabbed doors, like Bilco or something similar to give yourself outside access.

The easises way to excavate your crawlspace and turn it into a basement is to have a professional do it for you. Yes, this will cost more, but, you’ll have a new basement and won’t have to worry about your home’s foundation collapsing on itself, 3 Stooges style.

If you plan on ever selling your house, having a basement is a huge selling point. Instantly increases home value. Even if you plan on staying, think of the ways you could use your new basement (that would also work as selling points to potential buyers!)

Remodeling and home re-sale companies say that there are 4-major areas of unused space on which homeowners can capitalize–decks, garages, attics, and basements. Like a garage, a basement offers a variety of options for new spaces:

  • Family room. Some carpeting, insulation, and furniture, and your basement can become an extra room where your family can read, play, and watch TV.
  • Home office. One of the most popular remodeling options, a basement can become a functional home office with the right wiring and furnishing solutions.
  • Gym.Turning your basement into a gym carries some extra costs for fitness equipment and ventilation, but can save you hundreds in gym fees every year.

This is just a few of the ways. Can be a play room for your kids (and get the toys out of your living room!) Plus, don’t forget the storage aspect. You’ll feel much safer storing your posessions in a finished, dry basement vs. a cramped, damp crawlspace.

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