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How to Turn Your Crawlspace Into a Basement in Malvern & Paoli PA


How Turning Your Crawlspace into a Basement in Malvern & Paoli PA Can Have a Tremendous Impact on the Quality and Value of Your Home

…Many homes in the Malvern and Paoli areas have no basement, instead relying on a very small crawlspace for storage.  As the size of the family continually increases, this can be a real hassle to home owners in the area.

You can turn your crawlspace into a basement with a dig out.

Basically, a professional gets under your Malvern or Paoli home and digs away the dirt to a depth of a full basement. Then, they build walls and a floor and crawlspace dig out malvern paoli painstall outside doors (like Bilco doors).

But, this is a complicated and potentially dangerous job and should only be taken on with the help of a professional.

The basement service professional need to excavate to a depth that will accommodate a four-inch concrete slab and still have at least 7-foot, 6-inches of clearance under your floor joist. It is entirely possible that you will have 48 inches of soil to remove. The deeper you go the more hazardous the work, this point is important and cannot be stressed often enough.

You must not excavate any closer than 24 inches away from the existing foundation.

You can remove the soil sufficiently to work along the wall without removing the entire area you wish to change. You can build your stairwell to the outside in a similar fashion but you need to cover it with a steel ?pre-fab? unit such as a ?BILCO.?

They have provisions for locking and if you take care of them, they will last for many years.

The floor plan of your home may allow for a stairway to the basement from inside, this is great for some folks like and exterior entrance also.

Is all this work and trouble necessary?

-More storage room

-Much more living space

-An additional family room

-Playroom for the kids

-Workout room/home gym

-Home office

-Increased home value.

So, if you own a home in Malvern or Paoli and are sick of that cramped crawlspace and lack of room, you should strongly consider getting a Crawlspace Digout Cherry Hill

You’ll increase your home’s value, add living and storage space and add, literally, a FULL floor to your home. The possibilities are endless.

Plus, this kind of service can pay for itself many, many times over when you re-sell your house.