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Water In Your Basement Walls Causing Leaks?


Many times, leaks in the basement are caused by water becoming trapped inside the basement wall.

basement waterproofing leaksHow does this happen?

Pressure from the soil outside the basement causes small cracks on the outside. Water, from rain, snows, run off, etc, will flow toward these cracks and drip down the inside of the cinder block wall.

It will then collect at the bottom and simply “pile up.” Once this happens, the water, combined with the pressure from the soil outside, will both corrode the cement and begin to push it’s way inside the basement through small cracks and holes.

Fortunately, this can be helped in two ways:

  • Having a qualified basement services contractor install a waterproofing system
  • Having the contractor drill “weep holes” to drain the water and relieve pressure on the walls