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Water Table vs. False Water Table


When you’ve been in the waterproofing industry for over two decades, you hear the following statement almost daily. “We have a high water table, that’s why our basement floods so often!”

Though in very few circumstances this can be true, this is almost never the case and is a totally false statement. Here’s why:

The real water table is technically called the aquifer. This is generally located very deep underground, below the limestone layer or below the surface topsoil level of the Earth. The function of topsoil is to filtrate rainfall down through the limestone and other formations into the aquifer.

This aquifer is where most home wells are drilled down to in order to reach clean and healthy water. These wells are often between 30 and 50 feet deep but they can often reach 300 feet in depth. They are certainly not directly below your foundation or next to your basement walls.

So What’s Actually Happening?

Since the early 1950’s, the development of neighborhoods has been the standard of home-building. Machinery is used to scrape large areas of topsoil off of the ground and into piles in order to have a flat, less porous area to build on.

After the homes are built, these piles of soil are pushed back around the foundation. This backfill is now much more loose than it was previously and this creates a pooling effect around the walls of your basement. With a solid base of rock and clay under the home, water becomes trapped and creates a false water table.

What Can Be Done?

When this false water table occurs, the easiest and best way to improve the draining of these areas is with waterproofing. We dig lower than your floor and provide you with a sub-floor pressure relief system.

This is essentially a french drain system, graded away from the foundation. The drain collects water in a crock, or collection point, and uses a sump-pump to pump the water away from the home.

At Basement Solutions, we complete jobs such as this weekly. We have the equipment as well as the experience to consistently do it the correct way. If you have questions about a potential false water table around your home and want to seek a solution, allow a professional such as ourselves to help.

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