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Waterproofing and Mold Remediation in Wayne, PA


Basement Solutions offers work in much of the New Jersey, Delaware and Southeast Pennsylvania areas. We offer years of professional experience and cost-conscious solutions to your home or business’ needs.

One of our most recent customers from Wayne, PA left ecstatic about their waterproofing systems and mold remediation. Therefore, we’d like to highlight a bit of what we do every day by explaining the steps we took for this happy customer.

Exterior Waterproofing Process

  • Hand dug a trench on exterior of home down to the footer (1-2 feet)
  • Wire brush and cleaned the wall, removed stone and dirt from trench
  • Install tar at the cove and rubber grade membrane over top of the tar and footing, completely wrapping the cove
  • Drain board installed followed by French drain system (6 inch trench)
  • System was covered with stone and other areas backfilled with dirt
  • At end of French drain a 20 inch pit was installed with a bubbler pot atop more stone to allow for drainage

Mold Remediation Process

  • Two separate areas of the home were experiencing mold issues
  • Both areas were first sprayed with MMR and Fosters 40/80 disinfectant
  • Areas then wiped down clean of all physical mold and dried with industrial fans
  • Both areas painted with Sentinel 24/7 anti-fungal encapsulation paint that comes with a 10 YEAR WARRANTY guaranteeing that mold does not grow back

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