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Why Waterproofing Your Basement in Atlantic City & Oaklyn NJ is Key for Fighting Mold and Protecting Your Health


Basement Waterproofing in Atlantic City & Oaklyn NJ Beats Mold, Every Time

In Atlantic City and Oaklyn NJ, and all over Jersey, mold has spread and increased at an alarming level. Yea most homes never get basement waterproofing done.


Sadly many homeowners in towns like Oaklyn and Atlantic City learn to live with mold. They think that if the mold is just in the basement, it can’t effect them basement waterproofing atlantic cityin the rest of the main house. But, mold spores get into vents and are in the air…and get though out the entire home where you and your children breath it in! And, commercial cleaners only work for a few days. Mold keeps growing back, stronger than ever!

But, basement waterproofing in Oaklyn & Atlantic City kills mold permanently.


Waterproofing seals up the porous areas of the concrete and cinderblock walls. This dries up any moisture and removes excess water, which is exactly what mold lives off of. Especially in coastal shore towns like Atlantic city where high tides and summer and winter rain storms lead to excess water and highly corrosive salt water getting into the ground and inside your basement and foundation walls!

Why is mold so dangerous? According to the Pennsylvania Department of Health:

Fungi (mold) are present almost everywhere in indoor and outdoor environments. They can cause discoloration, odor problems, and possible destruction of building materials. They also may lead to health problems for building occupants, which may include allergic reactions in susceptible individuals.

What are the most common symptoms of fungal exposure?

People most commonly complain of symptoms similar to what is seen with a “common cold” (i.e., runny nose, eye irritation, cough, congestion, and/ or aggravation of asthma).

It can lead to even more serious problems like respiratory problems and some have begun to link black mold to cancer!

In children and the elderly (as well as pets) mold can be lethal!

When you have basement waterproofing performed, your mold problems are gone. It seals the walls, cuts off mold and mildew’s food supply (water/moisture). This keeps mold from coming back…no moisture means mold can’t grow, it’s that simple.