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Basement Waterproofing Services, Back Up Sump Pump Systems Keeping Your Basement Dry at all Times


So you have invested in your home. You have increased your living space by digging out your crawl space (crawl space dig out), or maybe you have waterproofed and finished your basement making it into your man cave. You have ensured that your foundation is sound, waterproofing your home, foundation cracks, or mold issues within your basement.
To ensure that you keep any water completely out of your basement, additional precautions have been taken and have installed a sump pump.

Are you protected fully? Is your basement safe from any water intrusion?

The answer is no.

Despite all the steps you have taken in waterproofing your basement, there is still a chance that water an get into your basement and ruin your man cave, and all of its content.
Consider this. Its a cool fall night, and the weather there is a typical Nor’Easter approaching. They are calling for high winds and several inches of rain.
But you are not too concerned, because you have your basement properly waterproofed and you have installed a sump pump as well. All is well until a strong wing gust knocks a tree off and you lose power. CRAP! the sump pump stopped working.

Will your basement become wet from a rising water table? Did it stop raining yet? How many inches did we get? What to do now?
Don’t panic… Basement Solutions Waterproofing and Foundation Repair Services got your back.

We have a simple an cost effective solution for this problem. One of the simplest but often overlooked basement waterproofing tools that basement solutions offers is a sump pump back up systems. Backup sump pump systems have sources of backup power for pumps to work during power outages that often occur as a result of severe weather situations such as floods and thunderstorms. Main pumps and sump pumps are used simultaneously. If the main pump fails and stops working, that’s where the backup sump pump system comes into play.

Failure of sump pumps can cause a lot of damage. The majority of insurance companies do not include sump pump repair in their policies. Those that do generally will charge you higher deductibles or extra premiums. They also might simply restrict your coverage. Sump pump failures can leave a messy trail behind them, including extensive repairs, cleaning up and paperwork (for insurance). That’s why it’s always a good idea to have a backup sump pump system set in place.

Your experts at Basement Solutions Waterproofing and Foundation Repair will have your back up system installed, no problem, so that you can sit cozy by the fire, enjoying your beer or favorite drink as you enjoy Sunday Night Football in your Man Cave while that Nor’Easter is hitting us.
Call us today!