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Wet Walls are a Problem


How does water get into your basement?

We like to describe your house as a pot submerged in a sink full of water. When it rains or snows the ground water level rises causing the sink to fill up. This water surrounds the foundation your home and will sit there until the ground water levels are subside.

The path of least resistance

Water will always take the path of least resistance in order to flow. When your foundation is completely surrounded by water, like the pot in a sink full of water, there are many ways that the water can get into your basement. Many homes have cinder block foundation walls that are porous enough to allow water to seep in and fill up with water because cinder blocks have a hollow core. Once the blocks are full of water, the water is able to seep through the other side of the block, and enter your basement.

Once your walls are wet many problems can occur.

Your wet walls can cause many problems in your basement. If the problem is not fixed, it can lead to water damage and will raise the humidity which will lead to mold growth. When warmer weather arrives wet foundation walls and wet dry wall are a major concern for rapid mold growth.

The best solution to keep the water is a sub-floor pressure relief system

Our system includes drilling holes directly into the foundation walls, allowing the trapped water to drain into our system.

A trench is dug approximately 12 inches out from wall and 10-12 inches deep to create pitch. Filter fabric is installed at bottom and sides of trench and 2 inches of 2b washed clean stone is placed at the bottom of trench. A 4 inch ADS perforated pipe is placed over the stone with pitch from a high side to the low side of system which is where the crock is located. Waffle board (Mira Drain) is placed along the edge of the cove up the stone wall approximately 3 inches up from slab height. The trench and pipe system is now covered with more clean stone. We then re-cement floor level with the existing slab. The sump pumps are installed inside the crocks and a cover installed over crock. System has a Lifetime Transferable Warranty on the sub floor pressure relief system. See warranty page. The Zoeller 1/3 hp sump pump has a 5 year warranty. Floor will be power washed to clean off dirt and silt from being an old basement.

Please watch our video below to see the process in action. If you are interested in more information and to schedule a free inspection please call 610-495-9111 or http://www.pabasementwaterproofingspecialists.com