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What to Do If Your House Has Mold in the Basement


If you live in New Jersey, Delaware or Pennsylvania and you ever seen any kind of moisture, water or a musty smell in your basement, chances are, you have mold. If you do, you need to have it removed as soon as possible! Here’s why your home get’s mold and what to do about it:

Sometimes the way new homes are built, with fake stucco, weaker concrete materials (that are permeable and allow water to enter the basement), fake woods and other products that allow moisture to get trapped behind them, are magnets for mold in your home.

Both new and old homes are prone to leaks which contribute to mold grown and ALSO structural damages. Mold damages your health, structural problems damage your wallet.

Some unlucky home owners have lost thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars dealing with a mold problem that they ignored until it got out of control. Many times these homes are condemned and knocked down, with the home owner assuming much of the loss of money.

What to Look For:

-Musty smells in the basement or crawl space

-Cracks in the walls or floor of the basement

-An increase in sinus or allergy related problems among those living in the home

-Water or moisture around your window wells or around the cracks in the basement

If you see these, you can be sure that you have a problem. The best solution is to have the situation assessed by a basement services contractor. They can tell you how extensive the damage is and explain what it takes to get the mold out of your home and fix the cracks before it leads to foundation failure.

They will probably need to waterproof the walls and floor of your basement foundation, both inside and out. And, they’ll have to clean out the existing drainage systems and put in new ones as well.
Mold is dangerous to your health. It reproduces with spores that we breathe in and we ingest them because they land on all the surfaces of our home, including the food we eat. Once inside, they wreak havoc on our insides. They cause allergies, sinus problems, and respiratory problems.

Remember, only one inch of rain on an acre of ground equals about 28,000 gallons of water!

This is constant, never ending pressure on the foundation.

Relieve that pressure on the walls by getting the water out of the ground and by waterproofing the walls. This is key if you want to keep mold out of your home and fix any cracks in the walls or floor.

If you have any signs of mold growth in your basement, please call us at 610-495-9111 today and we’ll get rid of it fast and keep your basement dry and mold free forever.