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Why is my basement flooding?


A flooded basement can be overwhelmingly stressful and devastating.  Thousands of dollars in building materials can be lost if your basement is finished!  Once you get through the mess of cleaning everything up, you will want to take the necessary steps to not only figure out what caused the flooding, but also to prevent it from happening again.

Possible Causes of Flooding

Ground Water – Hydrostatic pressure can push water in through cracks in the basement floor.

Surface Water – Sources of surface water, such as gutters or improper grading, also lead to excess water around the perimeter of the home.

Storm Water Backup – Water from municipal storm sewers can back up into the basement.

Sanitary Sewer – Sanitary Sewer water can back up due to a clog in your home’s sewer lines.

Steps to Take

  • Check your gutters for proper drainage. Clogged gutters lead to significant water intrusion during a very heavy rainfall.
  • Make sure that your downspout is draining far enough away from the foundation. Rainwater must be taken away from the house before it intrudes into the basement walls.
  • Check the slope or grade of the areas around your home for downslopes toward the foundations. This is an open invitation for water to enter.
  • What if your basement flooded with? Storm water or sewer water?  A trained professional can determine what is the best course of action.

Ground Water or Surface Water…

If the flooding is caused by ground water or surface water that cannot be controlled, a basement waterproofing system is probably the best option.  An exterior basement waterproofing system will redirect water away from your foundation and prevent it from entering through the basement walls and into the home.  An interior basement waterproofing system can help to keep ground water under control by draining it to a sump pump.

We offer both interior and exterior basement waterproofing as well as a combination of the two.  We can determine where the water is coming from and recommend which type of system will work best for your home.  You can learn more about basement waterproofing by clicking here.

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Contact Basement Solutions for a FREE basement evaluation.  We’ll find a solution to relieve your basement problems permanently so that you never deal with a flooded basement again!