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Ice Jams and Flooding

Winter Basement Waterproofing


Many homeowners wonder which season would have the harshest effects from water on a basement or entire home. Most people would probably think of the rainy season and say the Spring right? Wrong. Winter weather, can cause a variety of nuisances and complications for homeowners. Everything from foundation issues to moisture and flooding poses potential threats.  To ensure that your home stays dry and warm all winter long, trust a professional.

Basement Solutions offers a variety of easy fixes/preventions that will help you avoid a variety of issues this winter:


  • Wet/damp basement: Proper waterproofing will keep all water and snow outdoors where it belongs and keep your home dry and warm.
  • Foundation cracks: Snow and ice put pressure on your foundation, and if your foundation already has cracks, melting and re-freezing snow can cause these to expand.
  • Frost heave: This occurs when the soil close to your foundation freezes, shifts, and expands, which puts pressure on your foundation walls. This can cause cracks to worsen. However, a properly waterproofed basement will ensure your foundation stays sturdy and water stays outside.


You should always have your basement professionally waterproofed.  There are a few checks you can perform yourself to see if water has already found its way indoors and caused damage:

  • Standing puddles in basement: The most obvious red flag that your basement is not keeping all the water out that it should is if you see puddles of water on your basement floor, especially if these puddles are near your foundation.
  • Water stains on foundation wall: Inspect your foundation wall. Do you see any dark water stains or rings? If so, this is a sign that moisture has already entered your home and caused some water damage.
  • Noticeable cracks in foundation: Cracks compromise your foundation’s structural integrity and ability to keep water at bay. Even tiny hairline cracks provide a passage for water and snow to get inside.
  • Mold: Mold is a clear indicator that water has already gotten in and serious damage has been done. Mold can be very harmful and toxic to your health, and must be eradicated by a mold specialist as soon as possible to avoid health complications.

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Basement Solutions is proud to offer basement waterproofing in Southeastern Pennsylvania and surrounding regions of New Jersey and Delaware. Our experiences experts know the causes of basement leaks and how to prevent them. We will carefully determine the cause of any current leaks that you have, repair it, and prevent the rest of your basement from leaking in the future too. We will ensure that you and your family stay dry and warm all winter long.

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