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Winter Waterproofing for Your Basement


As a homeowner facing yet another potentially harsh winter, you may be tempted to leave your basement waterproofing to the spring. With the ground frozen for much of the season and rainfall turning to ice and snow, often times people underestimate the need for winter waterproofing.

Putting off your basement waterproofing can be a short-sighted mistake that can cause long term damage to the foundation and well-being of your home. Unfortunately, the Northeast region and Southeast Pennsylvania have the ideal conditions for leaks and mold formation including:

  • high amounts of precipitation
  • aging and often outdated home foundations
  • snow melts caused by warmer temperatures that can come without a warning during the winter months

If not waterproofed accordingly, water WILL find its way into your home.

Mid Atlantic and Northeast winters commonly experience constant freezing and melting. This causes the ground around your foundation to expand and contract. These effects potentially create new cracks or making existing cracks larger. Also, with the freezing weather comes ice in your pipes, downspouts and on your roof. When your water drainage systems that the home relies on are clogged up, the water will have to find a different path. Typically, it flows to the ground directly beside your foundation, which is the most common place for foundation leaks. Therefore, its also a very common place for both interior and exterior waterproofing systems.


Its not commonly known but its true. Most repairs that can be done in the Spring can also be completed during the Winter. Structural issues, weeping tile drains, sump pump systems and crawl spaces can all be carried out during the winter. External maintenance can also be performed if needed, but typically saved for the Spring and Summer months.

We also tend tp provide you with faster repairs and immediate service during the winter season. This is when we tend to be less busy than the rest of the year. If you wait until the weather heats up, the situation could be too far gone. Now is a great time to have your basement waterproofing done so that you can be ahead of the game and not have to worry about a wet, moldy basement come spring!

Don’t let spring take you by surprise with a leaky basement and home full of foundation damages. Take advantage of the winter season like so many fail to do by sealing your basement now!

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