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We at Basement Solutions are experts at concrete cracks repair, and concrete work.

When installed properly, concrete is one of the most durable and long lasting products you can use around your home. But it is important that concrete contractors follow well-established guidelines with respect to concrete placement.

Durable, high strength, and crack resistant concrete can be achieved if the contractor follows simple guidelines.

Here are the main reasons why concrete cracks:

1. Too much water in the mix: Concrete does not require much water to achieve maximum strength. But a wide majority of concrete used in residential work has too much water added to the concrete on the job site. This water is added to make the concrete easier to install. This excess water also greatly reduces the strength of the concrete.

Shrinkage is a main cause of concrete cracks. As concrete hardens and dries it shrinks. This is due to the evaporation of excess mixing water. The wetter or soupier the concrete mix, the greater the shrinkage will be. Concrete slabs can shrink as much as 1/2 inch per 100 feet. This shrinkage causes forces in the concrete which literally pull the slab apart. Concrete cracks are the end result of these forces.

2- Concrete mix dries too fast: Also, rapid drying of the slab will significantly increase the possibility of cracking. The chemical reaction, which causes concrete to go from the liquid or plastic state to a solid state, requires water. This chemical reaction, or hydration, continues to occur for days and weeks after you pour the concrete.

You can make sure that the necessary water is available for this reaction by adequately curing the slab.

3- Improper strength: concrete poured on the job- Concrete is available in many different strengths. Verify what strength the concrete you are pouring should be poured at.

Many contractors will take short cuts and save money while doing concrete work However, this can be costly in the long run.

Basement Solutions can meet all your concrete needs. We are expert and concrete work and concrete repairs.

If you have any questions about concrete work or crack repairs, please call us today.


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