Consider a Crawl Space Conversion

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Have you ever thought of taking the crawl space in your home and converting it into a nice, full size, dry and clean basement?

If you are, the good news is that this is more possible than ever with a crawl space dig out.

Dig outs and conversions are more affordable than they’ve ever been and with advances in equipment, they’re also easier to do. But, they must be done by a professional! However, that is a small price to pay once you consider how many awesome benefits that a adding a basement to your home will give you.

Here are some of the big time benefits of converting your crawl space:

So, the first huge advantage of a crawlspace conversion is the added space for storage that it provides. Finally, you’ll have a place to store you things in a safe, dry location.

Next up is the return on investment.

Changing your crawlspace into a basement isn’t a cheap job.

But, many studies have shown that you get back the cost plus make more money when it’s time to sell the home! The return is usually from 100 130% of original cost.


Homes with basements sell for more money. Especially dry, finished basements!

Many home owners who convert their crawl spaces go far beyond simply adding a basement. They instead turn that basement into another floor on the home; often adding rooms (like extra bedrooms, bathrooms, home gyms or entertainment rooms).

This can have the value of your home sky rocket!

If you want more details about craw space conversions or dig outs, please call the experts at Basement Services 911 today. Call us at 610-495-9111.


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