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Converting a Crawlspace into a full size basement is a great way to add living space and square footage to your home.

Today, adding square footage and living space for homes seems to be a big trend.  But for some homeowners, restrictions created by lot sizes, setbacks and property lines make it impractical, if not impossible, to add space to their homes.  For many, some creativity in finding new living space is the preferred solution.  Here is where crawlspace conversions and dig outs become useful and very practical.

Converting a crawl space to a basement, is taking space fit only for limited storage and turning it into actual living space that can become a family room, hobby area or even a bedroom, depending on a family’s needs.

Turning a crawl space to a basement may seem overwhelming to some but it is a fairly straightforward job for a contractor with the skills and engineering know-how to get it done.  We at Basement Solutions 911 are experts in crawlspace conversions or dig outs.

How to Convert a Crawl Space to a Basement?

A crawl space is essentially just a short basement, typically without a finished floor.  It can occupy either a portion of the foundation or the entire space below the home.

It is constructed the same way as a full foundation except that the excavation will be shallower, resulting in a space that will range from 16” to four feet in depth.  Concrete footings are poured to bear the weight of the foundation and the home that sits on it and short  foundation walls are built, either of poured concrete or masonry.

Floors are usually covered with a vapor barrier and/or insulation, although this is not always the case.

To convert a crawl space to a full-depth basement, the soil within the perimeter is first excavated to the desired depth, typically by hand.  Once the footings have been exposed, four-foot sections of the soil below them are dug out in an alternating pattern and new concrete foundation walls are poured below the footing.

When the new foundation walls are complete, an additional knee wall is poured inside the perimeter of the foundation that overlaps the footings at the top, creating what is called a “bench ledge.”  This knee wall adds strength to the structure and serves as a retaining wall for soil outside the new foundation.

Once this is done, a full crawl space can be finished off just like an original basement.

If the original crawlspace was a partial one, the original foundation wall can be left in place and a doorway constructed in it.


Converting a crawl space to a basement is an easy way of creating space in a home but it must be done by a qualified foundation repair contractor.  At Basement Solutions 911, our foundation repair experts have the knowledge, skills and engineering support to convert crawl spaces to basements efficiently, safely and cost-effectively.


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