Dry Ice Mold Blasting Benefits

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Benefits of Dry Ice Mold Blasting

Mold and Bacteria cause a great amount of health issues when found in everyday living spaces. Common causes and habitats for mold growth include floods, leaks, plumbing problems and elevated humidity.

Mold requires direct treatment in order to remove existing spores and inhibit future growth by removing any matter that can support growth.

Dry Ice Mold Blasting is the most effective remediation solution when it comes to structural members that can’t be removed. Basement Solutions uses Dry Ice Mold Blasting to reduce remediation time by as much as 60-80% per project. When blasted with CO2 the mold is immediately removed upon contact causing it to shrink and detach itself from the surface. In addition, Dry Ice Blasting prevents future mold growth because it draws out moisture from wood surfaces. High pressure blasting operates at temperatures as low as -78C. With this volatility and freezing temp. the mold is eliminated and leaves minimal mess behind. Which is great because it also reduces clean-up and residue.

Dry Ice Blasting is Rapidly becoming the preferred method of Cleaning

Dry Ice Mold blasting Eliminates the toughest challenge; getting into hard to reach places and tight spots where scraping, grinding and sanding cannot ensure complete removal around wiring, plumbing and other delicate areas without any damage. Fast, safe and efficient leaving behind no secondary waste. Dry Ice blasting achieves thorough mold spore removal and it is, contaminant free.


  • Reduce our remediation time by as much as 60 to 80% per project.
  • Back to normal living in a healthy space much faster.  
  • Cleans even the hardest to reach areas, getting into areas where scraping and sanding cannot.
  • Removing all contaminated wood while preserving its structural integrity.  
  • NO harmful chemicals or residue left behind.



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