Dry Ice Mold Remediation and Removal

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 Dry ice mold remediation cleaning is quickly establishing itself as a favored method of mold remediation.

Dry ice mold remediation is superior compared to traditional labor-intensive techniques such as sanders, scrapers and wire brushes. The dry ice process cleans as thoroughly or more so and in dramatically less time. Dry ice blast cleaning is fast and creates far less mess

Dry ice remediation is a process in which a blasting gun fires dry ice particles (rice-sized) at supersonic speed to impact and clean a mold covered surface. The particles are accelerated by compressed air, just as with other blasting systems. Upon impact the dry ice sublimates . The substrate is left free of mold spores.

Utilizing dry ice remediation is simple. Take the example of a second floor residence with no attic and having drywall on walls and ceiling being infested with mold. First, the second floor needs to be isolated from the first floor. Next, negative pressure needs to be created using a HEPA-filtered air scrubber. If there is any severely damaged carpeting and drywall, it should be double bagged and discarded.

Dry ice blasting can be utilized to clean the plywood and support beams. The blasting gun can easily be managed to target the desired mark. Specific nozzle types best suited for cleaning wood are used, creating a pattern several inches wide. The dry ice being fired on the wood removes mold in a way that is clearly visible.  Once the blasting phase is complete and all surfaces have been vacuumed and cleared of sawdust and other debris, a spray is applied to cleaned areas to inhibit future growth.

The benefits of dry ice remediation are countless.   It is common to see a 60 percent time savings over other methods. Blasting can also effectively and easily clean in tight spaces that would be difficult for hands or tools to reach.

When the dry ice changes from a solid to a gas, the volume expansion over surfaces such as wood, concrete or stone efficiently results in a stripping effect removing the mold from the surfaces. Typical results show less than 1 percent of toxic spores remain.

Dry ice dissipates and leaves no need for extensive for cleanup. The blasting process will generate some sawdust; however, when compared to other blasting methods, dry ice remediation is much cleaner.

Mold is no joke and it can be a health hazard for you and your loved ones.  if you suspect of having mold, contact an us immediately.  We will provide you with a free estimate.



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