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A fire ripped through the construction of the new station, causing both damage to the structure, as well as burn and smoke damage. The building, standing four stories tall, caught fire when the roofing material caught fire from welders above the roof line, as a result, most of the building was damaged. Burning material was thrown into the elevator shaft, causing smoke and soot damage to all four floors and to the brick on both the exterior and interior of the roof. We were brought in for the fire restoration and smoke damage clean up.

To begin restoring the space, our team of professionals and fire restoration specialists first dry ice blasted the roof, which experienced most of the damage. The dry ice quickly and efficiently removed the burn stains from the walls and roof and leaves no trace, all while being completely environmentally friendly. The roof was then coated with encapsulate to seal the damaged material. Inside, we degreased and power washed all four floors to remove smoke damage and the lingering odor. While doing this, the water on all floors was contained so that in conclusion, the entire building could be encapsulated and refurbished. Dry Ice Blasting was also utilized on some interior sections of the building.

Attached to the police station and next door, the fourth floor of the complex was under construction to become a new charter school. This process was similar to the restoration of the police station. This floor was Dry Ice Blasted where the fire entered the building and did the majority of its damage. Our team degreased and power washed the entire floor with a degreaser to remove the smell of smoke along with any remaining smoke damage. The 20’ high space was then encapsulated and our crew contained the water with methods to prevent any leaking or further water damage.


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