Foundation Crack Repair Methods

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Concrete foundations crack for a number of reasons.  This article will discuss types of foundation crack repair methods available. Each method has some pros and cons.

Before we discuss how to fix a crack, let’s take a step back for a moment. Foundation crack repair should be done by a professional basement waterproofing company.  So always use a reputable company.  At Basement Solutions, we are experts in foundation crack repairs, so if you have any questions CONTACT US TODAY

Foundation cracks are sealed from either the interior or exterior of the foundation.  If done right, either way is equally effective.  In the case there’s a deck or patio in the way, or your basement is unfinished, it’s more common to seal cracks from the interior.  When there’s drywall, paneling or an obstruction such as a furnace, an exterior method is often preferred.

Interior Foundation Crack Repair Methods

Crack injection is the preferred method of interior foundation crack repair.  You might have heard of “Epoxy Injection” or “Urethane Injection”.  The process consists of sealing the crack on its inside face with an Epoxy paste and injecting a resin (Epoxy or Urethane) which fills the entire crack all the way to the outside soil.  Urethane remains flexible and are considered by most to be more effective for waterproofing.

Exterior Foundation Crack Repair Methods

Sometimes repairing cracks from the outside is the best method. Repairing cracks from the exterior is still a great way to go, especially when compared to a hydraulic cement patch on the exterior.

In order to properly seal a crack, the earth must be removed along the wall to expose the crack from the top of the wall all the way down to the footing.  Once the crack is fully exposed from top to bottom, the hole is filled with granular clay which forms an impermeable water barrier.

Again, we really like to stress that both interior and exterior crack repair solutions are viable options.  It really comes down to the obstructions.




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