Proven Basement Waterproofing Solutions and Foundation Repair

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Protect your Chester County, PA home from the dangers caused by wet and musty basements. Basement Solutions promises safety and satisfaction.

Starting from the first phone call to the minute our team leaves a house, we make sure to go above and beyond to provide high-quality and responsible waterproofing solutions and foundation repair.

We’ll keep your home dry and your family healthy with our proven basement foundation repair services and basement waterproofing in Chester County, PA.

Trust us to come into your home and leave it in a better condition than ever. We will help you save your Phoenixville, PA home from further damage with our expert basement foundation repair services.

Avoid Structural Damage To Your Home’s Foundation With Our Inspection & Repair Services in West Chester, PA

Never ignore signs of water damage in the basement. The basement serves as the foundation of your West Chester, PA home. Wet basements are the root of nearly all foundation and structural damage to your home.

When Should You Get Your Foundation Repaired?

When You Notice Horizontal or Vertical Cracks on The Wall

When There Are Cracks in The Floor

When The Walls Are Bowed or Bulging

Many homeowners in Phoenixville, PA have called on Basement Solutions to be their all-around foundation repair contractor.

We solve any and all foundation issues via the following services:

● Basement waterproofing

● Mold remediation and removal

● Drainage pump installation

● Crawl space conversions

● Structural repair

● Concrete repair

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Trusted Provider of Responsible Waterproofing and Foundation Repair Services

Our company is recognized as one of the best water damage restoration and repair services providers by We provide proven solutions to any kind of wet basement problem in Chester County, PA.

We will meticulously inspect each wall, corner, and floor area of the basement. Basement Solutions will ensure all possible sources of water intrusion, leakage, and moisture are resolved.

Above and Beyond Basement Waterproofing in West Chester, PA

Basement Solutions will do more than ensure a sturdy house foundation. As your reliable basement repair and remediation resource, safety and satisfaction are our number one promise to our clients.

Leaks and standing water in the basement do more than pose risks to the structural integrity of a house. It can also cause serious health risks. As a trusted basement waterproofing and foundation repair services provider, we also work hard to ensure our client’s health.

foundation repair west chester pa

Basement Mold Remediation and Removal Services in PA

Bacteria, mold, and mildew thrive in damp and dark places. This makes water-damaged basements a breeding ground for mold problems.

All kinds of mold pose health risks for you, your family, and your pets.

If you suspect stains in your home to be black mold, call us immediately. The sooner mold remediation and removal areany performed, the easier and less expensive it is.

Basement Solutions provides reliable mold removal in West Chester, PA. Protect your home and your health with just one phone call.

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A small leak can later become a serious problem that can compromise your home’s structural integrity and your family’s health.

At the first sign of water damage, contact our basement foundation repair specialists in Phoenixville, PA right away. Take the first step towards a dry and reinforced basement with Basement Solutions.

Call us at 610-495-9111 today, and get a free basement foundation repair and remediation quote!

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