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Is the foundation of your home in Main Line, Philadelphia on the verge of falling apart? Make sure to use the foundation repair services of a trustworthy company like Basement Solutions 911.

Basement Solutions 911 is a leader in the basement foundation repair industry. We provide the best solutions for homeowners like you who need foundation repair services. We also offer basement waterproofing in Main Line, PA.

We can help you to inspect the foundation of your home for signs of damage. We can help you find out why your foundation is failing and what type of basement foundation repair services you need.

Keep Your Home’s Foundation Intact With Our Repair Services in Main Line, PA

The main purpose of a foundation is to support and hold up your entire house. That’s why you should make sure that your foundation is strong and sturdy.

Once you learn that your home’s foundation has issues, don’t hesitate to take advantage of basement foundation repair services by Basement Solutions 911.

We at Basement Solutions 911 can play a major role in keeping the foundation of your Main Line home intact through our superior foundation repair services. We can guarantee you the best repair services at a reasonable price.

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What Kinds of Structural Issues Need Repairs?

How will you know if the foundation of your house in Main Line, PA needs foundation repair services? Watch out for these structural issues that commonly plague foundations.

  • Cracked Walls or Floors: You need repair services in your Main Line home’s foundation if you notice cracked walls or floors. Here are the main types of cracked walls and floors
  • Horizontal Cracks: Horizontal cracks are a signal that the walls in your basements are starting to push in or buckle. Horizontal cracks may be caused by frost heave or hydrostatic pressure. Horizontal cracks are a major structural issue, so they should be given due attention as soon as possible.
  • Vertical Cracks: Vertical cracks are a sign that the poured concrete walls in your Main Line house are settling. These kinds of cracks may commonly be spotted in beam pockets and window opening corners. Vertical cracks in the block walls of your basement indicate that there is blunt trauma in your outside walls.
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Thanks to our quality workmanship and friendly attitude, it’s no wonder that our repair services at Basement Solutions 911 are considered one of the best in Main Line, PA. Our excellent services have already satisfied thousands of customers; you can be one of them too.

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