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Foundation problems in Montgomery County, PA typically progress slowly. This means that homeowners will have enough time between seeing the first signs of damage and a total collapse to act and address the problem. Unfortunately, this also means that most Montgomery County, PA homeowners will put off fixing the issue until it gets worse, and the repair costs skyrocket.

As soon as homeowners notice a crack in the wall, an uneven floor, or leaks and signs of water damage, they should contact a foundation repair specialist. A good Montgomery County, PA foundation repair contractor can help them identify the underlying cause and implement the best action plan to resolve the problem right away.

Excessive water can cause undue stress on a home’s basement and foundation. Most of the time, it’ll take time before water damage leads to significant structural issues. Occasionally, structural damage due to flooding or excessive moisture can also suddenly manifest.

Here are some causes of water damage in Montgomery County, PA, and Royersford, PA as well as their possible consequences:

Absorbent soil: Some types of soil can drain and dry water quickly. However, other types such as clay tend to retain massive volumes of water. The expansion of the soil can produce lateral pressure on the foundation walls. Over time, the frequent expansion and contraction can cause the structure to shift.

Rising groundwater: Upward pressure from rising groundwater can permeate the foundation, leading to cracks and leaks in the basement.

Plumbing leaks: A ruptured or leaking plumbing line near the foundation can lead to cracks and structural deterioration. The speed of damage is faster since the foundation is exposed 24/7 to flowing water.

Flooding: Depending on the speed and volume of the water, outdoor flooding can exert immense pressure on the foundation. Within minutes, the water can quickly penetrate, move, and break foundation pilings and cause the entire structure to move.

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What Kinds of Cracks Should Be Treated?

Certain types of cracks may be signs of underlying foundation damage. Here are some examples:

● Horizontal Cracks

● Vertical Cracks

● Step Cracks

● Open Step Cracks

foundation repair royersford pa

Upon seeing these cracks in the walls, ceilings, or floors, homeowners should immediately find good foundation repair services in Montgomery County, PA, Royersford, PA, and Collegeville, PA that can help them check the cause and assess the severity of the damage.

Best Basement Underpinning Services in Royersford & Collegeville, PA

When Montgomery County, PA homeowners suspect that the cracks on the ceilings and floors or the bowing of walls and chimneys are caused by foundation damage, they have several options to resolve the issue. One way to address an unstable foundation is with basement underpinning.

Basement or foundation underpinning in Montgomery County, PA, Royersford, PA, and Collegeville, PA involves removing soil beneath the concrete slab and adding new concrete walls or footers as support or reinforcement. Foundation underpinning is also a good choice if the homeowner wants to strengthen a shallow foundation.

Finding the Right Foundation Repair Service

When looking for the right Montgomery County, PA, or Royersford, PA foundation repair services, always make sure that they have the skills, experience, and expertise to fix the issue correctly and permanently. They should also be equipped with the right tools and materials and be knowledgeable about the latest developments in repair techniques to ensure that the job is done efficiently and cost-effectively.

At Basement Solutions 911, we use only the best products for foundation repair and basement waterproofing in Lansdale, PA, and the extended areas. For mold removal in Ambler, PA, and foundation underpinning, you can learn more by contacting us today. We provide the best services for all your foundation repair needs.

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