Mold Testing & Remediation Can Protect Your Health & Home

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Mold is a silent and dangerous force that grows at a rapid pace given the right conditions. A source of water is all it needs to spread through a property. It can create hazardous environments through allergens which can cause inhabitants in Montgomery County, PA trouble. Moisture-abundant areas can help them propagate. Mold is a problem and Basement Solutions 911’s mold removal is the solution.

While it may seem like there are simple home remedies to mold, it’s a very persistent organism. Mold spores are microscopic and can spread in any area. Even with the best tools, it is impossible to remove mold on your own.

Professional Mold Removal Contractors in Ambler, PA

The best solution is our mold removal in Bucks County and extended areas and stops the sources that are helping it thrive. Our mold testing equipment and techniques can help find the source of water that feeds the mold. We then remediate the area and ensure that these sources do not return to feed new spores.

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What Mold Services Do We Offer?

We offer our services to various areas such as Montgomery County, PA, and Ambler, PA. Here is what we can do for you:

Mold Testing

Mold testing involves analyzing both the air & the surfaces in a house. The purpose of this is to find out if mold exists, and if so, what kind. Once we know more information we can formulate an effective plan of action.

Mold Removal

Our team will clean mold on all contaminated materials and surfaces. The tools and techniques we use will vary depending on the type of mold and the area affected. We’ll take samples to identify the type of mold present then create a plan to ensure that we remove nearly all the mold in your property in Montgomery County, PA. Our process also includes containment work to ensure spores don’t spread to other areas.

Mold Remediation

Mold remediation is the process of balancing the environment back to natural levels that don’t spur fungi growth. After careful mold testing, we’ll use air filters to clear the Montgomery County, PA property of any active spores. We may even use specialized vacuums to pick up spores in highly contaminated areas. After cleaning existing colonies, we then sanitize everything affected.

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This is to ensure no mold remains. Our process also deodorizes the air and all belongings afflicted with mold. If there are any water sources, we conduct basement waterproofing in Montgomery County, PA, and find ways to prevent water from getting to these areas.

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Trying mold removal on your own without the right equipment and knowledge is risky. You may end up contracting allergies, especially when dealing with black mold. Improper use of chemicals can also damage your personal belongings. Items like bleach can either destroy or help facilitate mold growth because of its water component.

Our mold removal specialists in Montgomery County, PA, and Ambler, PA, will look for all areas where mold may be growing, ensuring that no other areas are affected by mold. We’ll do mold testing around vents, walls, baseboards, and even ductwork. We’ll recommend many options for removal, and our services ensure that you won’t have mold problems for a long time.

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