Does Your Basement Need Mold Removal Services?

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Mold can cause several problems if you don’t address it as soon as you notice the early signs of an infestation in Philadelphia, PA. It can lead to widespread damage to your property and even illnesses and allergies if you leave the area untreated. We’re ready to help you best solve this problem. That’s why our company offers top-notch mold remediation in Philadelphia, PA.

Once you see the first few signs of a mold infestation, that means that you need to have the best mold removal services in Philadelphia, PA as soon as possible. Our mold removal experts in Philadelphia, PA can treat the area to ensure that the mold will not spread further.

Keep Your Home Safe & Healthy With Our Mold Remediation Services in Philadelphia

We make sure to completely get rid of the mold with our best efforts. We do this so you can prevent further property damage and illnesses in the future. Here are some of our services in Philadelphia, PA:

● Residential Mold Removal

● Commercial Mold Removal

● Maintenance

● Restoration

● Insurance Mold Removal Services

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What Kinds of Mold Spores Can Be in Your Home?

Three different types of mold spores may colonize your home in Philadelphia, PA. They are the following:

● Toxic: Can make very young and very old people sick

● Pathogenic: Causes infections even in healthy individuals

● Allergenic: Triggers allergic symptoms such as breathing problems and skin irritation

How We Rid Homes of Mold

Each home in Philadelphia, PA is unique, so there are different mold removal approaches. Some factors that help decide which mold removal approach to take include the extent of damage and the possibility of the spores spreading within the area. Our process involves the following steps:

● Moisture assessment for the immediate and surrounding areas

● Assessment of mold outbreak

● Repair of problematic water and moisture sources

● Isolation of mold-infested area

● Dust and debris suppression

● Disposal of mold-damaged items

● Mold Remediation of the affected area

● Testing of the treated area

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Once the treatment has been completed, our professionals will check out the area for possible remaining clusters of mold. Once the area has been completely cleared, it will be left to dry for about a week. We will reassess the area and recommend replacing any damaged materials. Basement waterproofing in Philadelphia, PA may also be done to help prevent the reoccurrence of the problem.

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Call us today to discuss the status of your home when it comes to mold affectation. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can perform mold removal and mold remediation in NJ. If you can’t contact us by phone, you may drop by our office or send us a message. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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