Sump Pump Battery Back Up

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In order for your basement to stay dry, you need a working sump pump.  However, during winter storms and summer thunderstorms power outages can be an issue.  Therefore it is highly commended you install a sump pump battery back up system.

A battery sump pump battery back up is a second pump that gets installed right next to your primary pump.   It has  a battery, providing a secondary power source that can operate the pump if power has failed.  It has its own switch, so when the water rises, the backup pump is activated.

It is a complete second pump system, so it’s there when the primary pump fails for ANY reason!
Also, if there is an unusually strong storm that causes more water to enter the sump basin than the primary pump can handle, the backup will kick in to provide extra pumping capacity, keeping your home dry.

It’s hard to believe how many basement floods occur when a primary pump fails.  That is why we at constructions solutions 911 strongly recommend the installation of a sump pump battery back up as a means to prevent basement flooding.  The experts at basements solutions 911 can help you chose the right sump pump battery back up for your needs, and install it for you, to ensure that your basement remains dry during all seasons.

Here are a few important items to keep in mind.  In order to provide reliable protection for your basement, a sump pump battery back up system must AT LEAST alarm if it’s activated, and monitor its battery and alert the user if there is a problem. We can recommend products that meet this basic requirements.

One of the smartest things a homeowner can do is protect their  basement with a complete sump pump battery backup system. In addition to protecting valuable possessions and property, the best benefit of all is saving frustration, aggravation, and hours and hours of cleanup time. Don’t lay awake at night during a storm, wondering if your home is going to stay dry – protect yourself and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from KNOWING you’re safe!

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