Crawl Space Conversions in NJ & PA

Turn Your Crawlspace Into a Full Basement?

A Crawl space conversion, also known as a “dig out”, can transform your cramped, musty old crawl space into a basement. As homeowners with a crawl space know, they aren’t very useful when it comes to storage space, and they attract mold/mildew. Plus, homes with crawl spaces sell for less than those with a basement.

What is a Crawl Space Conversion or Dig Out?

A conversion, or dig out, is the process of digging out the area beneath your home where your crawlspace is. We dig the area to a depth of 7 – 9 feet, or approximately the size of a full basement. A concrete or cement floor and walls are put in place, giving you a solid foundation and a fresh, dry basement. We can also provide access to an outside entrance with prefab doors such as Bilco doors.

What are the Benefits of a Crawl Space Conversion?

Increased Storage Space

One of the biggest advantages of a crawl space conversion is the vastly increased space available. You can turn this new space into a second living room or even an additional bedroom. You can place your laundry appliances here or just use it as storage space.

Adding a Basement Increases Home Value

Digging out your crawl space and turning it into a basement is a sure-fire way to dramatically increase the value of your house.

Homes with basements sell for more. They offer more storage and living space and, in general, have less water issues than crawl spaces. When you convert your crawl space, you are essentially adding a new floor to your home.

Dig Outs Provide More Living Space and Better Energy Usage

Imagine if you could snap your fingers and magically add an entire floor to your home. Rather than just adding a plain basement, many people use their crawl space dig outs to convert to a functional, multi-room floor! They add a basement but also add a bathroom or a kitchen or a second living room. This again raises home value, adds to the beauty and functionality of your home, and makes it much more attractive to potential buyers.


Plus, a new, waterproofed and energy-efficient basement cuts down on the energy waste caused by crawl spaces, saving you money on your energy bills!

best crawl space solutions

For one thing, it can accumulate dirt and moisture. This can make it the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. Fortunately, you can do something to help fix your basement dig out and turn it into a useful space. Here is how we provide the most efficient crawl space repair in NJ and PA.

Best Crawl Space Solutions in NJ & PA

Our company in NJ converts unsightly crawl spaces and transforms them into useful spaces. Depending on your home’s structure in PA, the final product may not be as large as regular basements. However, it can still serve its purpose well and the crawl space solutions can last a long time.

Benefits of Getting Crawl Space Solutions

Aside from having a larger storage space in PA or NJ, converting your basement dig out into a basement space can have other benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Improved safety: Because professionals will handle the crawl space solutions, they are aware of how to establish the foundation of the new basement. This will make it a safe place where you can temporarily go to store things. In some cases, we may even identify the need for foundation repair in PA before we work on the crawl space.
  • Increased home price: Additional storage space can help increase your home’s market value if the basement is constructed well. Therefore, it’s advisable to let the professionals work their wonders during the crawl space repair process.
  • Saves time: We plan the entire crawl space repair process even before the day of your appointment in NJ comes. This helps us to continuously work on the crawl space conversion without thinking twice about what to do next.
  • Proportions are well-planned and based on established knowledge: Our experts ensure that the design for the crawl space solutions is both stylish and stable. We design basement dig outs based on our expertise and safety measures. We will also ask you if you have any preferences or expectations concerning the final design for the crawl space repair in NJ or PA. We’ll then inform you if your preferences can be implemented on the project. Once everything is settled, we finalize the plan and set the appointment date and time.

Why Hire Our Team?

There are many other companies in NJ and PA that offer different services for crawl space conversion. Here are some of the things that make us stand out from the rest:

  •       Years of Experience
  •       Affordable Rates
  •       Wide Variety of Services

Let Us Know How We Can Assist You

Call us today if you want to ask about our crawl space solutions in NJ or PA. To help you decide if you need our crawl space repair services, we can discuss the process of the basement dig-out conversion. We’ll also walk you through the expectations and considerations that you need to make before, during, and after your appointment with us.

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